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Definitions fromWalden's Paper Handbook

absorbency-the ability of paper to absorb or take in liquids

archival paper-acid-free paper made to resist disintegration and used for documents that must last

business communications paper-paper for use in stationary, business forms, checks, copier papers, duplicating papers

C1S-coated one side

C2S-coated two sides

caliper-the thickness of a sheet measured under specified conditions, it is usually expressed in thousandths of an inch-points or mils

cast-coated paper-paper or board that is coated by allowing the coating to harden while in contact with a chromium polished surface, this results in a patent leather-like gloss, cast coated papers are the glossiest of all coated papers

clay-general term for a natural fine-grained material, kaolin, which is used as filler and as coating pigments in paper manufacture

coated-refers to paper or paperboard that has been coated to improve printability or appearance, clay (kaolin) is predominantly used and may be applied during the manufacturing process or on an off-machine coater, paper may be coated on one side (C1S) or two sides (C2S)

color fastness-capacity of dyed paper to retain its original color or resist fading and change through influences such as heat, light and use

conditioning-allowing paper to sit long enough for it to adjust to the surrounding atmosphere until its moisture content is equal to atmospheric content, this process provides for optimum ptinting performance

cover papers-strong, heavy paper suitable for covers of publications such as brochures

grain long-term used to designate that the grain of the paper is parallel to the longest measurement of a sheet of paper, the fibers are aligned to the length of the sheet

grain short-perpendicular to grain long, grain of the paper runs at right angles to the longest dimension of the sheet, fiber alignment in grain short paper parallels the sheet's shortest dimension

luster-property of gloss and sheen

mil-unit of measurement, 0.001 inch

opacity-the property of a sheet which prevents print areas from showing through the paper to the other side

opaque-that property of paper which prevents "e;show through"e; of printing, or other marks;on or in contact with the backside

point- equal to one thousandth of an inch in the measure, utilized when the thickness of paper is considered

scoring-creasing by mechanical means to facilitate folding while guarding against cracking of paper and board, scoring is essential when heavyweight papers are to be folded across the grain