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Q: Can inkjet glossy papers be used in a laser printer?

A: No, the coating on inkjet glossy paper is made for ink, not toner. Using glossy inkjet paper in your laser could cause costly damage to your printer's fuser because the paper could melt.

Q: Can laser glossy papers be used in an inkjet printer?

A: No, the coating on laser glossy paper is made for toner, not ink. If printed on  an inkjet it will most likely smear and not adhere to the paper.

Q: What type of paper do you suggest to use for post-cards?

A: Cover stock, we suggest 80 lb - 90 lb Cover.

Q: What is the difference between Text and Cover weights?

A: Text weights are the types of paper that you use for the pages inside of a brochure or newsletter. Cover weights are the types of paper that you use for the cover to a newsletter or brochure.

Q: What is Bond weight?

A: Bond paper weights are based on a 17x22 sheet, making the weight of a ream (500 sheets) equal to 20 lbs, 24 lbs, etc. 

Q: Is there a photo glossy laser paper available?

A: Yes, we carry 2 brands of high gloss laser paper for photo printing. Xerox Digital Supreme and Smart Kromekote.

Q: What are the appropriate settings for different types of papers?

A: The best answer to this question can be found in your particular printer's manual. You always want to choose the appropriate settings when using glossy or cover papers, a few suggestions include: glossy paper- thick stock or glossy setting, cover paper- thick stock

Q: What does acid free mean, what are the benefits if any?

A: Acid free papers have no residual acid-producing chemicals. They may be slightly alkaline to resist the harmful effects of an acidic environment and may provide greater longevity.

Q: What's the difference between inkjet and laser printing & papers?

A: Inkjet printing uses ink and the ink absorbs into the paper. Laser printing uses toner which lays on the surface of the paper. Papers that are uncoated can usually be used in both types of printers. The packaging should say what types of printers the paper can be used in.

Q: I just bought a new printer, what type of paper can I use?

A: Congratulation's on purchasing a new printer! You want to make sure you read about your printer's capabilities and what types of papers it can use before making a paper purchase. You want to find out if it can take glossy papers and cover papers. You'll also want to find out what the weight restrictions are for your printer. Once you know what you can and cannot use you can purchase sample packs to test the paper before making a larger purchase. This helps save time and money in the long run.

Q: Do you have a catalog, how do I request one?

A: Currently we are creating a catalog, at this time our website has all of our up to date products and prices. If you'd like to learn more about our products you can sign up for our e-newsletter on our homepage.

Q: How do I compare paper weights?

A: Basically there are many ways to measure a paper's thickness and weight. Paper2U uses the bond weight for most of our products so that you can easily compare the different papers. If a description has the word “Text” next to it that means it's for the pages inside of a booklet, magazine, brochure, etc. If the description has the word “Cover” next to it that means it's a cover weight and can be used as a cover, postcard, or heavy duty mailer/brochure.

Q: Is your site secure? Do you share customer info?

A: Yes, our site is secure and is protected by 128 bit SSL Certificates. We do not share customer information with any third party companies.

Q: What is the best paper for digital photos?

A: We prefer high gloss for photo images.

Q: Do you accept PO, money orders, or personal checks?

A: Companies, schools, and government agencies can fax purchase orders to 845.425.5485. Net pay is 30 days on all purchase orders. Please mail money orders or personal checks with your order and include shipping charge (on homepage go to calculate shipping to get the correct shipping charge) and mail it to:Paper2u

Springvalley, NY 10977

Q: Do you carry legal size paper?

A: Yes. Rolland Hi-Tech and Exact Vellum Bristol,DomtarThese brands carry this size.

Q: What does the measurement point mean?

A: This is a measurement of the thickness of paper. It is equal to one thousandth of an inch in measure.